Financial peace of mind

Accountants who understand taxes

Everyone has to pay taxes.  The amount you have to pay depends upon:

  • The decisions you make about your money
  • The thoroughness of your record-keeping
  • How well you understand federal and state tax codes

The accounting team at Michael K. McGee, S.C.,  can help you reduce your tax liability. Our impartial advice can help you make good decisions about your money. Our tax planning and tax preparation services apply our expertise and experience with tax codes to enable you to keep more of your money at tax time.

Accounting services for businesses
Accounting services individuals and families

 Accountants who solve problems

We help clients with important concerns -- from setting up record-keeping systems to retirement planning to making smart real estate purchases. We help clients with urgent problems -- from identifying misuse of company funds to responding to tax notices.

Whether the issue is large or small, short-term or ongoing, we commit ourselves to treating each client as our most important client.

Accounting services for businesses
Accounting services for individuals and families

Accountants who prevent problems

The best way to avoid being overwhelmed by complex financial problems is to have a good CPA on your team who:

  • Keeps you in compliance with tax laws
  • Recommends good record-keeping and reporting processes
  • Monitors your financial records for potential problems and opportunities
  • Prepares and file tax returns in keeping with high standards of quality and ethics

Accounting services for businesses
Accounting services for individuals and families

When to call McGee CPA

Our accounting team can offer sound, impartial financial advice when you are facing complex situations and difficult decisions. We can also help you with tax planning and day-to-day financial management.

When your business is changing

Every change in your business can have an impact on your revenues, profits, and taxes - and not only on April 15. We can help you make good decisions financial decisions about:

  • Opening a business
  • Buying a business
  • Managing a business
  • Expanding a business
  • Doing business across state borders
  • Doing business internationally
  • Downsizing a business
  • Moving a business
  • Closing a business
  • Selling a business

How McGee CPA can help your business

When your finances are changing

Whenever money moves into, out of, or through your life, there can be tax implications. A CPA with a good understanding of tax law, like Mike McGee, can help you develop a financial plan that protects your assets and prevents you from making expensive mistakes at tax time. Call us if you:

  • Have received a letter from the IRS
  • Want to reduce your tax bill
  • Have received an inheritance
  • Have executed stock options
  • Think you qualify for significant tax deductions
  • Anticipate a significant change in income
  • Have taken on new debt
  • Are considering making a large charitable donation
  • Are contemplating a real estate purchase
  • Have a complex investment portfolio
  • You have income to invest or reinvest

How to choose an accountant

When your life is changing

Every new life stage can have an impact on your ability to achieve your financial goals. Call us if you:

  • Are facing a complex or difficult financial problem
  • Are developing a retirement plan
  • Have added dependents to your household
  • Are approaching retirement
  • Are marrying or joining a partner in civil union
  • Have decided to open or close a business
  • Have begun divorce proceedings
  • Want to develop a savings and investment plan
  • Want to retire to another state or country

How the team at Michael K. McGee, S.C., can help you and your family